Status & Availability of Hotel Amenities

Encima Roofdeck Restaurant TEMPORARILY CLOSED

Swimming Pool CLOSED



Contactless Food Delivery In-House Room Service Only (available from 7AM - 9PM daily)

Breakfast Buffet CLOSED 

Food Delivery (via Encima Delivery, Grab & Food Panda)  CLOSED

Transport Services Available. Please book 1 day in advance

Special Practices During Community Quarantine Period

City Garden Hotel Makati is now certified by the Department of Tourism and Bureau of Quarantine to receive guests permitted under Philippine Law

Although our hotel is operating, we are mandated to follow guidelines from our government. As such, please note that the following guests are only allowed to check-in:

  1. Returning OFWs, Distressed OFWs eligible to avail of accommodation assistance from OWWA;
  2. Repatriated OFWs in compliance with approved quarantine protocols;
  3. Those allowed entry into the Philippines from abroad;
  4. Individuals required to undergo quarantine;
  5. Health care workers and emergency frontline services personnel who need easy access to their work;

Individuals who opt or are required to undergo mandatory Quarantine, such as close contacts, repatriated OFWs, Returning Overseas Filipinos, Foreign Nationals allowed entry into the Philippines, and other individuals required to undergo quarantine; and

Health and emergency frontline services personnel who need access to their place of work.

Please bring additional documents in order to support your classification. Examples are travel documents, mandatory quarantine requirement, passport, evidence of stranding, COVID-19 test booking / results, work ID, etc.

Maximum occupancy per room is two (2) persons belonging to the same household, if not, only one (1) person will be allowed. Visitors are not permitted at any time and Minors must be travelling with their parents.

"No Face Mask, No Face Shield, No Entry" policy is strictly implemented.

Arrival protocol shall be as follows depending on your vaccination status:

for Non-vaccinated travelers
Day 1: Arrival/Check-in
Day 7: RT-PCR Test Swabbing
Day 9: Release of test results
Day 10: Check out of QH (if negative of Covid-19)

for Vaccinated travelers (Fully vaccinated and from Green Countries)
Day 1: Arrival/Check in
Must present the DOT/BOQ certificate plus any of:
I. LGU vaccination card
II. POLO vaccination card
III. International certificate of vaccination
Day 5: RT-PCR Test Swabbing
Day 7: Check out of QH (if negative of Covid-19)

Aside from the above, due to the General Community Quarantine, our hotel Pool and Gym remain closed. 

Our team can also help you arrange daily meals (delivered to your room) at a fixed menu and price. Please take note that for Quarantine Guests, food delivery purchases are strictly prohibited. Moreover, we can also arrange your transportation needs at an additional cost.

Leisure purposes are still prohibited at the moment and should your purpose of stay does not match the above criteria, we are happy to move your booking to a later date or we can process a refund/free cancellation with our online travel partner where you've made your reservation.

Should you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us

Due to the paramount nature of the safety of our guests, and in compliance with regulations, City Garden Hotel Makati makes available to its guests the following:

  1. Flexible cancellation policy - no cancellation fee / free-rebooking for all bookings made during any level of quarantine period
  2. Enhanced cleaning procedures in all common areas
  3. Limited entry to guest rooms to reduce interaction
  4. Closed / limited interaction and contact with hotel employees
  5. Safety amenities such as masks, gloves, and alcohol
  6. Low-cost menu and delivery options for food straight to your room
  7. Crowd-less check-in